The name Jalika comes from the word “JALInan KAsih”. It means a deep and beautiful relationship between a lover, family and friends. The celebration of a new stage in life, such as a wedding, is very important and involves many important traditions, each passed down from generation to generation. Family, relatives and friends are also an integral part of each celebration, appreciating in the love and support. Our team is passionate about creating superb artwork in every design and we are committed to give our greatest support for your special day.

Indonesia Traditional wedding accessories

Every culture is different from another but each one is beautiful beyond comparison. Leciel Design admires the beauty of Eastern traditional wedding accessories and aspires to have them available to our clients. Thus our brand creates pieces that reflects the intricate detailing, history and culture from the East.

Our Brides

Exclusive Custom Made by Leciel Design

Leciel Design takes pride in creating custom made pieces for our very own clients. Each design tells a personalized story and clients can entrust us to create accessories that suits their preference. Every pieces are meticulously designed and sculptured with intricate detailing by our craftsmen. Its is a pleasure to us to have you inquire to us and to bring your dream accessories to life.

 Exclusive design consultation                  Quality assurance                           On time delivery                   Adjustment to fit your need

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