Frequently Asked Question

Leciel Design

Where are you based?

 We have showroom in Surabaya and Jakarta


I need to know about the product availability

Our accessories are ready stock, however please contact our customer service for more information.


How can I make an appointment when I’m from a different city/country

We are able to assist you even when you are outside of Indonesia, please contact our customer service


Can I go to the showroom without appointment?

Our showroom is only available by appointment. Please contact us before your visit in order to give you the best assistance


When can I pick-up my accessories that I rented with Leciel Design?

The accessories can be pick up 1-2 days before the due date. If you are located in another city, please advise us in order to pick up or have the accessories delivered earlier.


When can I return my rented Leciel Design accessories?

The accessories can simply be returned to our studios 1-2 days after the due date. Should you need more time, please kindly advise us to make the arrangement.


Can we get a custom design? If so, how long does it usually takes?

 Yes we do provide custom design service for our clients. We recommend to order a few months before the due date.


Is there accessories for mother of the bride and sister?

Yes we do have accessories collection suitable for family of the bride and groom and also clients looking to wear accessories for their special occasions.


how to make appointment?


Wa: 62 8978832707


Wa: 081901212525    |    Email:


What are the available payment methods?

We have different payment methods available including Debit/Credit card and also Bank Transfer.


Would we have to make down payment first before renting?

Yes, you would make a down payment in order to secure you accessories for your due date.


 Terms of Payment?

 The Accessories needs to be paid fully before the delivery. The full terms and conditions of the payment will be provided in the invoice.


I already know which accessories I want based on Leciel Design’s Instagram/website, what should I do?

Please contact our whatsapp or email us, to be advised with the prices or book an appointment to our showrooms for a private viewing session with our designer


 How long should I confirm my order with Leciel Design before the due date?

 It is best to confirm the order a few months before the due date or at the clients earliest convenience.


Are the accessories self-manufactured?

Yes the accessories are self manufactured. Our workshop produces accessories exclusively for Leciel Design.


Can I exchange for a different accessory even though I already selected one during my appointment?

 Yes, as long as it is possible, exchange of accessory before the due date is allowed.